Do you want to know what translating a book actually entails? Are you curious about what really happens in the cabin during a simultaneous interpreting session? Do you wonder what the rewards and challenges of this profession are? If you say YES to these questions, you’re invited to join our workshop “The Art and Business of Translation” scheduled this coming Friday, 29/11, 8:30–11:00, Room A1.208, International University—VNU (Thu Duc campus)! The workshop features two speakers: Ms Do Thi Dieu Ngoc and Mr Do Quy Duong. All are welcome!

Abstract: The workshop on ‘The Art and Business of Translation’ aims to inform the audience, specifically students of English Linguistics at International University, VNU-HCM, of the basic theories of Translation Studies and how to apply these theories to practical settings of translation, transcreation, and interpretation. Through some mini lectures on translating and interpreting strategies followed by interactive activities, participants are expected to have a broad vision of Translation in general as a beautiful art and a rewarding business, so that they can make informed decisions for their career paths.    

With their twenty years and twelve years of hands-on experience in translation, transcreation, and interpretation, the two speakers, Ms. Do Thi Dieu Ngoc and Mr. Do Quy Duong, hope to share with the audience their professional stories filled with challenges and rewards, to make the workshop a fruitful time.