Listening 2 (C1-C2)

  • Course code: EL009IU/EL009WE
  • Credit number: 3
  • Previous course: Listening 1 B2-C1 (EL003IU/EL003WE)
  • Course description: In this course, students will learn how to develop advanced listening skills through 10 units with both academic topics such as: language, energy or global cooperation, etc. In each unit, students will listen to an interview and a lecture or a report. Students’ listening skills will be harnessed through various types of exercises such as multiple choices, matching, completing charts, etc. Some listening skills included in this course:
    • Listen for main ideas
    • Listen for details
    • Listen for pros and cons
    • Listen for speakers’ attitude
    • Listen for causes and effects
    • Listen for word’s stress and determine its impact on meaning
  • Availability : Semester 1 and Semester 2