Global Englishes

  • Course code: EL021IU/EL021WE
  • Credit number: 3
  • Previous courses: Reading 2 (EL007IU/EL007WE), Writing 2 (EL008IU/EL008WE), Listening 2 (EL009IU/EL009WE), and Speaking 2 (EL010IU/EL010WE)
  • Course description: The course includes coverage of the major historical, linguistic, and sociopolitical developments in the English language from the start of the 17th century to the present day. The course also explores the current debates in global Englishes (GE), relating to its uses as mother tongue in the UK, US, Antipodes, post-colonial language in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and lingua franca across the rest of the globe. With a wide range of texts drawn from emails, tweets and newspapers and readings from key scholars, the course helps future teachers examine the ELT materials available to them and consider ways to incorporate a GE perspective into their classrooms.
  • Availability : Semester 2