Internship 1

  • Course code: EL044IU
  • Credit number: 2
  • Previous courses: at least 50 credits
  • Equivalent course:  International Internship 1 (EL047IU)
  • Course description: Internships can be with a variety of host organizations, including foreign companies, schools and universities, foreign language centers, travel companies, translating offices etc. Students will attend workshops, proceed with classroom observation, and work with professors in their discipline and / or the Internship Director to establish plans and learning objectives specific to their internships. A minimum of 15 working days is required (5 days of site visiting, 5 days to write the final report, and 5 days to get approval from Supervisor). Specific deliverables include Registration form, Application form, Attendance records and/or certificate of participation, two final reports completed by the intern and evaluated with comments by the Supervisor(s) to be assigned at the beginning of the course.
  • Availability : Semester 1