Language and Culture

  • Course code: EL017IU/EL017WE
  • Credit number: 3
  • Previous courses: Reading 2 (EL007IU/EL007WE), Writing 2 (EL008IU/EL008WE), Listening 2 (EL009IU/EL009WE), and Speaking 2 (EL010IU/EL010WE)
  • Course description: The course explores the connections between language, culture and communicative meaning by using data from a variety of cultures and languages around the world to identify the similarities and differences between languages. The courses also highlights the ways language conveys the implications and intentions of speakers, focusing on analyzing the communicative interactions and showing how to establish social relationships through speech. In addition, the course analyzes some linguistic ideologies, in particular, the appropriate use of language and norms to produce speech and evaluate speech.
  • Availability : Semester 2