Introduction to Literature

  • Course code: EL015IU/EL015WE
  • Credit number: 3
  • Previous courses: Reading 1 (EL001IU/EL001WE), Writing 1 (EL002IU/EL002WE), Listening 1 (EL003IU/EL003WE), and Speaking 1 (EL004IU/EL004WE)
  • Course description: This course offers students a broad introduction to the study of literary fiction. It helps the students deal with literary theory with respect to British and American literature. The students are introduced to various literary terms and other elements of fiction such as point of view, character development, theme, symbolism, tone, plot, imagery… so that the abilities of literary analysis can be improved. Reading the works of major writers, students develop analytical skills that will allow them to think critically, to write academically, and to speak intelligently about fiction. Their appreciation for the beauty of literary language used in prose narrative, poems and drama prose is highlighted and made explicit through weekly group and class discussions. Their effective interpretation of a literary text is the combination of interrelated activities of speaking, reading and writing for projects, which answer the key questions about how much short stories play in our social and cultural life or what arouse our empathy and sympathy with the tragic life of a certain character in some poems.
  • Availability : Semester 2