Interpreting 1

  • Course code: EL039IU/EL039WE
  • Credit number: 3
  • Previous course: Introduction to Translation (EL016IU/EL016WE)
  • Course description: Interpretation 1 is the following course after Introduction to Translation, Translation 1 and Translation 2 in the expertise of translation and interpretation in the program; nevertheless, it is the first course in the field of interpretation. Therefore, the course introduces the concept of interpreting or interpretation and contrast it with that of translation. It also presents different interpreting levels, types and fundamental techniques. Finally, it provides adequate practice with a wide range of topics in various fields. Short audio texts or video clips are used in the course. Authentic contexts for interpreting practice are encouraged. The focus of the course is both English – Vietnamese and Vietnamese – English.
  • Availability : Semester 1