Nguyễn Thị Quyên

Nguyễn Thị Quyên

Lecturer, PhD


Ph.D., English Linguistics, Korea University, 2020

M.A., English Education, Korea University, 2015

B.A., English Teacher Education, University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) – VNU-HN, 2013

Research interests

My research interests lie in the intersection of theoretical linguistics and language acquisition where I use formal linguistic perspectives to explain phenomena in second language acquisition. Topics I’ve been working on range from island phenomena to nominal/determiner phrases.

Selected publications

Quyen Nguyen (2023). Impact of processing various textual genres on the incidental acquisition and retention of L2 vocabulary. English Teaching78(2), 139-164. DOI: 10.15858/engtea.78.2.202306.139

Quyen Nguyen (2022). Vietnamese EFL college students’ sensitivity to the English mass-count distinction. VNU Journal of Foreign Studies, 38(3). DOI: 10.25073/2525-2445/vnufs.4848

Quyen Nguyen (2021). Island effects in Vietnamese relativization: A formal judgment study. Proceedings of the 35th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC 35). ACL Anthology (pdf)

Quyen Nguyen (2018). Various factors in the acquisition of english tough-construction by Vietnamese EFL learners. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 34(4). DOI: 10.17154/kjal.2018.

Quyen Nguyen (2018). English article choices by Vietnamese EFL learners. VNU Journal of Foreign Studies, 34(2). DOI: 10.25073/2525-2445/vnufs.4248

Quyen Nguyen (2017). The role of semantic features on the L2 acquisition of English articles. Studies in Linguistics, 45(3). DOI: 10.17002/sil..45.201710.259

Quyen Nguyen (2017). Factors affecting pronoun resolution by Vietnamese EFL learners. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 33(1). DOI: 10.17154/kjal.2017.

Courses taught

Undergraduate level

Introduction to Linguistics




Research Methodology

Languages in the Mind

Graduate level

Issues in Linguistics

Discourse Analysis